A fun, gamified tool for young native learners of Arabic


Abjadiyat is a comprehensive learning solution designed specifically for schools and aligned with Ministry of Education standards. It focuses on early childhood education for K-4, combining the latest gamification techniques with engaging cartoon characters to create a fun and interactive learning experience for young students.

The platform uses cutting-edge technology and aligns with early childhood education standards to deliver Arabic lessons in an interactive and engaging way, helping students develop a solid foundation in the language while building a personal connection with the cartoon characters. With its commitment to the highest educational standards and innovative approach to Arabic language learning, this platform is the perfect solution for schools that want to make learning Arabic fun for their students.



Abjadiyat is designed to help you improve your teaching using its well-defined platform features. It offers two structured paths through the teacher platform, providing educators with a detailed lesson plan, assignment tools tailored to personal needs, and a wide selection of books for guided reading.


In the interactive student application, students receive their assignments and benefit from a wide range of targeted learning content while collecting stars that they can use to build their cities and cultivate communities by competing with their friends.

School leaders and principals

Provided with a complete overview of the school, from real-time data to monitor classrooms and students to custom weekly reports that keep them up to date on their school’s progress. This immediate, comprehensive data means school leaders and principals can take immediate action or intervene as needed to drive school-wide change.

Abjadiyat app

Students have access to engaging content that is as exciting as the games they love to play. The app provides a personalized journey to language proficiency through immersion in all language domains and provides students with real-time feedback.

Guided Reading Program

Abjadiyat offers a guided reading program with books and related interactive activities organized by level to help students learn more.

Abjadiyat World

Abjadiyat World offers a rich collection of electronic books, various worksheets on language concepts, and many other interactive activities for a varied learning experience.


We provide teachers with materials that ensure student attention and spark their interest with individual learning tools.

Track historical data and key metrics for the current academic year.

Enhanced individualized learning through customized learning pathways.