Igniting a passion for learning Arabic


With Arabits, you can learn and understand Arabic by completing reading and listening comprehension activities while tracking your progress. Our learning bits teach you new vocabulary and allow you to practice what you have learned. Lesson assessments let you check your knowledge! Best of all, our additional speaking and writing worksheets on the Alef Platform allow you to practice your conversational skills and become confident in Arabic.


Read with confidence

Our platform is designed specifically for non-native speakers of Arabic. It features a progress monitoring tool to build confidence and provide a supportive learning environment where students can read Arabic effectively.

Learner analytics

A comprehensive teacher analytics dashboard monitors the learners’ journey and areas where they still need help.

Practice learning with Bits

Our student-centered pedagogy focuses on using bits: small, easily digestible pieces of information that allow students to build their knowledge bit by bit. By breaking down complex concepts into manageable bits, students master each bit before moving on to the next. It leads to a deeper understanding and long-term retention of the language.


  • Personalized learning experience
  • Improved Arabic reading and listening skills
  • Aligned with MOE standards for non-native speakers
  • An interactive and engaging approach to learning
  • Bite-sized information for better comprehension and retention
  • Accessible from anywhere with internet