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Dr. Aishah Al Yammahi, Board advisor at Alef Education, is no stranger to technology, particularly to AI as a transformative tool. In the following interview with Economy Middle East, we look at the latest technology, digital transformation and approach to learning required by education today.
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Alef Education, a UAE-based leading global education technology provider, has partnered with professors at the STEM Education Department at the University of Kentucky to create the interactive math interface ‘Math Derby’ and engage 4,500 students across 46 schools in the US through enjoyable lessons that lay emphasis on learner engagement.
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Global trends, changes in business operations and the adoption of latest technological innovations like AI and automation are transforming our world. While technology opens doors to several business opportunities, it also creates skill gaps, which raises the demand for skilled workers. For organizations to remain relevant, they must adapt to these tectonic shifts.
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How Alef uses AI for Personalised Learning
In the past decade, “personalized learning” has become a buzzword in education. In traditional classrooms, students are taught in the same way, using the same materials, and at the same speed. After big data and AI stepped in, the one-size-fits-all model doesn’t have to be the only option anymore. AI has started a brand-new trend that is transforming educational practice.
In May 2019, HolonIQ published the “2019 Artificial Intelligence and Global Education Report”, where it mapped five core applications of AI technology in education...


By experts from Alef Education
Conference Paper
Journal Paper
Learning Factors for TIMSS Math Performance Evidenced through Machine Learning in the UAE
Author Names & Affiliations: Ali Nadaf (Alef Education) Samantha Monroe (Alef Education) Sarath Chandran (Alef Education) Xin Miao (Alef Education)
Understanding how the UAE K12 education system performs with data-driven evidence is key to inform better policy making to support UAE vision to upskill human capital growth for its economic transformation. In this study, we investigate the potential of using machine learning techniques to understand key learning factors contributing to UAE student math performance on […]
AI Applications and Implications in the UAE K12 Public Sector: Industry Experience from Alef Education
Author Names & Affiliations: Xin Miao (Alef Education) Joe El Sebaaly (Alef Education)
Artificial Intelligence and globalization have been driving changes in how we live, what we do, how we interact with one another, and these trends have also been raising questions of what the international education systems should do to prepare children today to take on jobs that will emerge in the future and to train teachers […]
Evidence-based Education Reform to Integrate Global Competence into Abu Dhabi K12 Public Schools for 21st Century Learning
Author Names & Affiliations: Xin Miao (Alef Education) Ali Nadaf (Alef Education) Zhuotong Zhou (Alef Education)
As our world goes through tremendous global and local changes over the last decades, international organizations (i.e. UN and OECD) and national governments have been adopting new policies and strategies across sectors to tackle issues of local and global significance such as digital & technological revolution, climate change, global pandemic, sustainable developments. Global competence has […]
Grit and Academic Resilience During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Author Names & Affiliations: Daniel L. Chen (University of Toulouse Capitole) Seda Ertac (Koc University) Theodoros Evgeniou (INSEAD) Xin Miao (Alef Education) Ali Nadaf (Alef Education) Emrah Yilmaz
Grit, a non-cognitive skill that indicates perseverance and passion for long-term goals, has been shown to predict academic achievement. This paper provides evidence that grit also predicts student outcomes during the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic. We use a unique behavioral dataset from a digital learning platform in the United Arab Emirates to construct […]