Alef Platform

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The Alef Platform provides adaptive, personalized learning experience for students and incredible support for teachers and principals, as well as keeping guardians up-to-date on students’ progress and needs.

We are passionate about
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Providing access to sustainable, effective digital education

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Delivering education materials with exceptional accessibility standards

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Elevating teaching and learning with the safe, secure, and ethical use of technology

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Research and innovation

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Nine subjects, including English, Arabic, math, and science

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Support for multiple languages, including English, Arabic, French, and Bahasa

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Comprehensive coverage for grades K-12

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1 Million users


Key Features

Access to high-quality digital core curriculum and supplemental programs to enhance comprehensive instruction with an adaptive, personalized learning path.

Access to all the lessons they need to complete, from assignments and exercises to games and activities.

Content designed to make learning more accessible. Videos, interactive lessons, formative assessments, and simulations enable students to explore a range of learning opportunities.

A range of different assessment opportunities to reflect on strengths, areas for development and to monitor their progress.

Achievement through gamification: students complete their goals to earn stars, badges, and a spot on the progress leaderboard.

Accessible from any mobile or desktop device.

Student Benefits

  • One single account for all core subjects and support.
  • Timely and effective feedback aimed at making progress.
  • Increased choice, relevance, and authentic learning help educators meet the instructional needs of students.
  • Develop positive habits and take ownership of learning.


Key Features

Curriculum-aligned lesson plans, content, and appropriate media to ensure the delivery of relevant and engaging content.

Formative, summative, and diagnostic assessments provide teachers with progress insights to foster a mastery-oriented feedback culture in the classroom.

Designed to meet diverse educational needs, functioning as a primary and supplemental learning model.

Equipped with the tools and insights to make instructional decisions and enable the differentiation of lessons or activities for groups or individual needs.

Promote and recognize student achievement by automatically generating and awarding certificates, including PDF printable versions.

Dedicated training and support for professional development.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility to support a range of instructional use cases to ignite and enhance teaching and learning.
  • Assess how students are progressing across all classes.
  • Adjust support strategies based on continuous data.
  • Ease of use, scaffolded support, guided practice, and access to multiple media resources promotes greater independence in students.
  • Share progress and success updates with parents and guardians.
  • Have more time to focus on what matters most — helping students to succeed.

Principals and leadership team

Key Features

Safe and secure learning environment connecting students, teachers, guardians, and leaders.

High-quality digital core curriculum and personalized learning across a range of subjects.

Principal dashboard with advanced school monitoring and on-demand reports provides school leaders with up-to-date visibility on performance and progress across all subjects, and all classes, at all times.

View login activity and insights on usage trends for the current day and track historical data and key metrics for the current academic year.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes engagement, achievement, and equity in learning.
  • Scales access to consistent, effective digital education across subjects to enrich the learning experience.
  • Nurtures new mindsets and methods for utilizing technology to improve professional practice.
  • Harnesses data and insights to inform planning and improvement, enabling high-impact interventions and enhancing student learning outcomes.
  • Accessible professional development to support the team.


Key Features

Guardians can follow their child’s progress in real-time, track scores, review weekly goals, and see assigned tasks.

A weekly update highlights their child’s successes, areas to focus on, and where they may need additional help.

They can connect to the classroom by previewing lesson content and seeing teacher feedback.

Guardian activities designed to spark a learning moment at home by encouraging children to share what they have learned.

Guardian Messaging allows them to communicate with teachers and principals.

They can stay connected with their children’s progress across subjects and schools, all from a single account.

Key Benefits

  • Simple-to-use app that helps them stay connected with the classroom and learning.
  • Accessibility for having a learning conversation with their child and nurture positive attitudes to self and school.
  • Engaging parents in their child’s learning can positively impact attainment and future academic success.