Alef AI Tutor


Alef AI Tutor is an innovative educational tool developed by Alef Education.
It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to support students in their learning journey by providing step-by-step guidance and developing their problem-solving skills in math.




Personalized learning

Tailored to each student’s needs and learning pace, it adapts the content and difficulty level according to their progress and performance.

Step-by-step guidance

It provides explanations for solving math problems and understanding concepts, breaking down complex topics into simple, easy-to-understand steps.

Instant feedback and assessment

Immediate feedback on answers and performance allows students to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Alef AI Tutor provides detailed explanations for incorrect answers, helping students learn from their mistakes.

Multilingual support

It supports multiple languages, including Arabic and English, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of students.


Real-world application

It demonstrates how math is used in the real world, helping students understand its relevance and apply it to everyday situations, preparing them for future challenges, and showing them the practical value of their math skills.

Safe learning environment

A safe space for students to learn without fear of judgment, it offers instant feedback and explanations, allowing students to learn from their mistakes and grow in a supportive environment.

Scaffolded learning

Breaks down complex math concepts into smaller, manageable steps. It guides students through each step, providing clear explanations and examples, helping students build a strong foundation and progress to more challenging topics.

Alef GPTeach

Plan, Create, Teach: Your AI-powered classroom companion!

GPTeach is a valuable asset for educators, offering a suite of tools that simplify the process of crafting engaging and personalized educational content.

It is a smart plugin for Google Slides designed to assist educators. Powered by GPT, GPTeach is a practical tool that enhances the process of lesson planning, presentation creation, and student interaction.



Presentation creation

GPTeach streamlines the creation of presentations. Input your topic and the number of slides, choose a writing style, and GPTeach will generate a comprehensive presentation.

Lesson planning

GPTeach aids in the development of detailed lesson plans. Specify the subject and grade level, and GPTeach will produce a lesson plan tailored to your needs.

Personalized content

GPTeach can adapt and rewrite content to match the reading level of your students, making it more engaging and accessible.

Image generation

GPTeach can generate images for your presentations. Just describe the image you want, and GPTeach will create it.

Story generation

GPTeach can generate stories complete with images. Input your desired story theme and moral; GPTeach will craft an engaging story.

Question generation

GPTeach can generate reading questions for your stories, enhancing student engagement and comprehension.

Writing feedback

GPTeach can provide feedback on selected text, offering constructive suggestions for improvement.


Streamline your presentation creation process, saving valuable time and enhancing the overall quality.

Generate innovative lesson plans effortlessly, reducing your planning time and increasing student engagement.

Personalize your content to match students’ reading levels, enhancing their comprehension and engagement.

Enrich your presentations with captivating visuals, stimulating student interest and understanding.

Improve students’ reading skills and engagement through creative, AI-generated storytelling.

Facilitate effective student assessment with AI-generated, relevant, and challenging questions.

Receive constructive feedback on writing tasks, helping you and your students improve their writing skills.