Alef Education, in collaboration with Aldar Academies, introduces the Aldar Academies Summer Program. Students of Aldar Academies can enjoy free access to independent online learning through Alef Education’s three digital platforms. This summer program will be available for students from the 5th of July till 13th August 2020. Hurry, the last registration date is the 2nd of July, 2020.

Our Products

  • The platform enables teachers to assign the content, track progress through formative
    and summative assessment.
  • Adaptive Learning Environment: Abjadiyat can easily fit into the classroom, blended,
    flipped, or distance learning environments
  • Our Arabic curriculum: focuses on building confidence in the oral language and is set to
    help teachers define learning objectives according to their own requirements with access
    to a wealth of games, books and videos that keep students engaged and excited.
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  • Learn, Practice, and Play: Compete with friends to earn coins and diamonds by completing
    lessons, activities, and quiz games.
  • Personalized Learning Journey: Teachers can assign interactive, bite-sized,
    differentiated lesson activities to individuals or the entire class
  • Track Student Progress: Review and manage progress on lesson topics, activities, and
    skills of each student or the entire class.
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  • Interactive digital lessons, rich media, and guided lessons with hints and feedback to
    provide a positive learning experience.
  • Fun activities to help students to learn.
  • Immediate student feedback
  • Auto-grading of lessons
  • Aligned to UAE MOE curriculum in 3 core curriculum subjects for Grades 5-9: Arabic,
    Social Studies and Islamic Studies
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