Our solution benefits
all key stakeholders
in the education ecosystem

Benefits to key stakeholders

Students are more engaged and interested learning through a personalized learning system.
Alef provides engaging digital learning content.
Students are able to follow their own personalized learning pathway.
Hands-on experiments allow students to test the academic concepts they learn in the classroom.
Teachers save time and are able to focus their efforts on individual students.
Teachers save time by getting immediate student feedback to support students that learn at different styles and pace.
Lessons and culturally appropriate media are built into all lessons which saves teachers time in lesson planning.
Auto-grading of lessons allow teachers to spend more time on teaching rather than marking of assessments.
Parents get immediate and relevant feedback to support their child’s learning journey.
Parents get notified in real-time on their child’s progress in the classroom.
Parents are informed of their child’s learning gaps which allows them to provide appropriate support to aid their learning.
Parents get immediate feedback from teachers on their child’s progress.
School leaders and administrators get real-time data to drive school improvement.
Alef has developed one of the most advanced and intuitive school administration monitoring and feedback systems.
The platform provides immediate, granular and comprehensive information about the learning environment in each classroom during the school day.