Alef Education Award

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To acknowledge and reward Schools, Educators and Students in the public sector for excelling at digital teaching and learning practices.
Demonstrating that student learning is positively impacted and that Alef Education’s vision of providing students the ability to learn anytime and anywhere is met.
Our efforts are focused on motivating and honoring professional and academic excellence in education by means of enhancing the digital teaching and learning processes.
- Motivate teachers, administrators, students and parents to excel and innovate in the implementation of digital learning via the Alef Platform.
- Achieve a constructive and encouraging learning environment for students while implementing digital learning via the Alef Platform.
- Enhance digital citizenship skills and community cyber awareness through distance learning encourage a digital learning growth mindset among teachers, students, administrators, and schools to support the UAE’s towards the next 50’s vision.

Stay Tuned for the Third Season of the Award

Kindly check again soon for the third season's criteria.